Forewest Group Builder

Homes built by Forewest Group are distinctive and unique. As a local builder, we have over 95 years of combined experience. The advantage of this lengthy history in the industry has taught us never to compromise on our commitment to superior quality construction.

We've learned to partner with only BC's best architects and tradesmen, an alliance that has brought rich quality and steadfast reliability to our diverse portfolio of projects.

Whether it's retail, industrial or residential developments, the Forewest signature has become synonymous with excellence in every aspect of construction. You'll see it in our homes at Park Hill, a higher echelon of quality that's etched into the architecture, design and final finishings of these residences.

Together with Travellers Canada Warranty Program, Forewest Group (Park Hill) provides a 2-5-10 Warranty in accordance with the Homeowner Protection Act of British Columbia. This comprehensive third-party warranty includes a two-year materials and labour warranty, a five-year building envelope warranty and a ten-year structural warranty.

This meaning is clear: Your Park Hill home is an invaluable, long term investment that promises years of peace-of-mind and a lifetime of satisfaction.